Chester Running Tours

Chester's Groves is an area on the banks of the River Dee that is popular with runners.Whether you are just visiting Chester for a short time or you are resident in the area, there are likely to be a number of tales embedded in the history and buildings of this ancient city that you have yet to discover. Guided tours can offer several advantages, whether visiting Chester alone or with a group. There are a number of organised tour options in Chester which can offer local knowledge of the city, and the tours usually uncover some of the hidden gems that are overlooked when simply using a local guide book.

If walking tours are a little too slow for your liking, you now have the option of taking a running tour with Chester Running Tours. A concept that has been successful in some of the most popular cities around the world offers visitors, or local residents, a fun way of taking in Chester's landmarks while socializing with other runners. Chester Running Tours offers adults a variety of group tours of between five and ten kilometres in distance. The tours include regular muster points so that nobody is left behind and to ensure you get lots of opportunities to take in the sights and history of Chester.Chester Marathon Runners pass under the Eastgate Clock

Unless you prefer to book one of Chester Running Tour's bespoke runs, the 5k or 10k runs which both start from the Chester Visitor Information Centre, will provide you with a wealth of the Roman and Medieval history of Chester. The 5k run will take you on Chester's historic walls, and to the most well known Chester attractions such as the Eastgate Clock, Chester Cathedral, Chester Castle and the Roman Amphitheatre. The 10k run, whilst also visiting many historic sites, takes you out of the city and along the lush green meadows of the meandering River Dee. As-well as the 5k and 10k running tours, there is also the option of having a bespoke tour tailored to your particular preferences or needs; a preference might for example be to run in the nearby North Wales or Cheshire countryside.

You can read more about the tours offered by Chester Running Tours by visiting their website, where they also have a straightforward online booking system.